DIY Denim: The Bomber Jacket


I love garage sales. It’s been a long time since I came across one, but yesterday’s was a beauty! I was actually looking for a stool to complete my new little art station (I’ll post about it as soon as it’s ready!), but found something else instead. Hanging among a bunch of men’s shirts was this giant, beautiful denim jacket!

It didn’t quite look like this when I bought it for the sweet, sweet price of $5. I tweaked the jacket to give it the rugged look and feel we love our denim items to possess. Here’s how!

*Disclaimer: I’ve never done this before and there are probably easier/better ways of doing it, but this definitely worked for me!

  1. The first thing I did was cut the length of the jacket so that it would sit just above some high cut pants. I pulled at the cut-off edge until the  threads started dangling down.
  2. This is the fun part. grab a cheese grater and use the roughest side to go crazy at the seams and pockets of the jacket. I scraped the grater along the seemed areas until the white threads poked through and the areas started looking nice and patchy. Don’t forget to scuff up the back of the jacket too!
  3. Once I was happy with the scuffing and rips, I got a big paint brush and dabbed it in some white acrylic paint. Then I lightly scraped it over the scuffed parts to accentuate them. I also went over all the seams. Be careful not to go overboard with the paint unless you want to give it that paint-splattered effect. White spray paint could also work for this step!
  4. The last thing I did was roll up the sleeves to fit my arm length.

And there you have it friends! Just a couple of easy steps to turn any old, straight denim jacket into your favourite, unique denim piece. Let me know how you go with these steps and if you come up with any cool ideas of your own! I’d love to hear about your experience.

All of the photos were taken by my talented partner, Blake Jackson. Check out more of his work at Blake Jackson Freelance.



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