Dancing on Rooftops

There’s something invigorating about standing on top of a building with a busy city beneath you. People on the streets continue rushing by while you enjoy the open space and an impressive view. Whether it’s a party, a much needed catch-up, or a new dinner spot, rooftops supply us with the locations for some of our best memories.

This one is a particularly awesome rooftop which is actually the top of a parking lot in the valley. I love the colour and texture of the walls and the fact that it’s almost always empty. There is plenty of space for me to shoot! There are also two different sides of the rooftop which allow me to change things up in the visual representation of my subject. You’ll see the difference in the photographs below!

Comment any great rooftop spots you’ve been to or would like to see, I’m after some new ones to travel to in the future! Also comment any past experiences you’ve had, I’d love to hear some of your stories, don’t be a stranger 🙂


Model: Isabella Thompson

Check out more of my work at http://www.larissadrazicimagery.com


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