Make Time.

Living in a busy city generates pressures such as staying on top of an impossible workload in order to keep up with the rest of the pack. Coming back to my small home town has reminded me of the importance of making time for things we often let go of on more hectic days. The days become weeks and people quickly lose sight of what is valuable to them because we focus too much on the values of others.

Make time.

Make time to go back and explore something you used to do or used to enjoy. Don’t let good habits go to waste in the place of things which don’t excite you. We need to spend more time being amazed and less time feeling pissed off.

I made time.

I made time to catch up with a childhood friend during a photo shoot at the beach where I grew up. She became an incredibly mature and elegant beach nymph and I was amazed. Photography is one of the things I love most on this planet. Here are a couple of shots from the shoot.



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