Becoming Unstuck

Lately I’ve been feeling quite ‘stuck’. It’s unlike me to sit inside at home for more than two days in a row because I have a natural urge to explore and be outdoors. I think it’s partly due to my love of art and photography. I know that many artists prefer to lock themselves away in solitary to produce their work, but my process involves gathering musings from my surroundings. My problem at the moment is that it’s too hot to spend a day outside.

I’m visiting my hometown of Cairns in Far North Queensland, Australia, over the university break. Summer here is ridiculously steamy. The sleepy, defeated vibe is really shutting down my creative space and it’s more annoying because Cairns actually has so much to offer when it comes outdoor adventures.

On days like these, I think it’s important to accept the circumstances and embrace the heat. Whatever it is that makes you feel ‘stuck’, let it be and use it to guide you to new platforms and creative opportunities. I suppose I’m writing this post as a note-to-self in the hope that I’ll find enough inspiration to pick myself up out of this rut.

I’m going to focus on something that excites me and look at all the fantastic things that are so readily available. We are so damn lucky to have endless opportunities at our doorsteps. I almost feel guilty about being stuck because, in reality, we are quite the opposite.

I’m going to focus on my future travels and prepare for my next photo shoot. I will grab my sketchbook and design some typography for my website and blog. I’m going to finish off a scholarship application and think about how much it could help further my work.

Well, there it is. My long awaited kick in the bum. It’s okay to feel stuck every now and again, as long as you find a way out again. This actually feels brilliant. To anyone else who is feeling a little out of their element, please tell me about it or take a minute to realize how lucky we are. Let’s not get caught up in worthless nothings and become unstuck.

Yours truly,

Larissa x


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