I consider myself impulsive and bold in my creative processes. I’m constantly changing as an artist and, sometimes, it frustrates me how quickly I jump through styles andĀ approaches. It’s funny that this fact is also one of the things that excites me most about my work. No matter how much I plan ahead, I always seem to stumble across a new method that results in a more powerful outcome than I initially imagined.

My photography inspires my painting and I can’t decide which art form I enjoy more. There is a level of control and deliberate action in my photography that goes out the window when I reflect through painting.

My vision is to produce powerful work that is internationally valued and enjoyed. I want to develop projects and collaborate with others to communicate importance and meaning. I want to travel and be influenced by interesting and new things around me.

I am Larissa Drazic and this website provides a collection of my creative projects. Please enjoy and get in touch.